The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, stated that “both in food and in personal hygiene and cleaning items, we have agreements with seven companies so that prices are placed on the containers, in an agreement that runs from November 15 to March”.

In dialogue with Radio 10, the minister explained that “we intend to give people certainty by reaching the broadest agreement possible, with the largest number of mass consumption products, knowing that there are supermarket chains that do not give these products priority in the gondola, although four of the seven major chains have stated that they will give it space on the gondolas”.

Massa pointed out that on Tuesday “an incentive program will be announced for small and medium-sized producers of up to 400 hectares, with the aim of expanding the area planted in the face of drought, which requires us to have the capacity to face the lack of the product that It’s going to cause a drought.”

The minister emphasized that “we will be calm when we have a level of reserves in line with the amount of pesos in circulation, with the GDP and when we recover the surplus of the trade balance. Argentina for a long time had a commercial surplus and that allowed it to accumulate reserves The loss of trade surplus in a process in which there was a festival of imports, with judges authorizing precautionary measures, forced us to change the import system We must return to the path of trade surplus for the strengthening of reserves, which is in definitely the great challenge”.

Source: Telam