Mothers and fathers of students in the last year of primary school in Rosario and Funes seek to mobilize and expose the graduate travel companies, who for next year budgeted for 5 days and 4 nights in Carlos Paz between 300,000 and 350 A thousand pesos.

The adults and those responsible for the children expressed that the prices do not make sense. One of the mothers expressed: “They are 12 years old, the boys do not consume anything. A trip to Buzios for adults costs 180 thousand pesos. It is irrational from whichever way you look at it.”

They assure that the boys who traveled in 2021 paid 42,000 pesos and that those who travel this year paid 90,000 pesos: “We calculated a 100 percent increase and we thought we would pay about 180,000 pesos. However, it is almost double as planned,” they added.

For this reason, they want no school in the city and the area to sign with any company until there is a review of those numbers. In addition, they request the intervention of the Consumer Defense.