The president of the Senate, Cristina Kirchner, and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, today ordered a salary increase of 20,000 pesos that will take effect from the month of April for legislative personnel.

“A minimum and uniform salary increase is provided for all agents of the H. Congress of the Nation, which will amount to the sum of $20,000, which will take effect from the month of April 2022, says article 1 of the joint resolution,” they published at the make the measure official. Legislators from both Chambers, higher authorities and the political staff of the Honorable Congress of the Nation will be excluded from the salary increase.

In this way, Congress anticipates the parity discussion and grants an increase to try to restore wages in the midst of the loss of purchasing power as a result of inflation.

The decision is made in the midst of tensions between the ruling party over the economic direction, inflation and the fact that Kirchnerism affirmed that “it is not enough” with the agreement promoted by the Government to advance parity.