This Wednesday morning was held the last speech of the current management of President Alberto Fernández in front of the National Congresswhich was not exempt from winks, chicanas, reproaches to the opposition, the press and the Supreme Court, and a balance of government and economics.

The president reviewed his years in office, marked by “hard times”. “We took office in an internal context assigned by inflation and indebtedness and in which the State had abandoned its role as organizer of the economy and its community life,” pointed against the previous management. “To this were added health, economic, environmental and war crises. We were able to face each of the extremely complex adversities”, acknowledged.

Among the highlights is the economic partabout which Fernández indicated that Argentina is going through one of the best moments in its history -despite the fact that the inflationary numbers show otherwise-, and that the economy grew again during 2022, registering an increase of 5.4 percent. hundred: “We are one of the countries that has grown the most in the last two years”.

And revealed that “All our own projections and those of international organizations indicate that in 2023 we will grow again.” “We will be one of the countries that have grown the most in the world and one of the first in the region. It will be three consecutive years of growth of our GDP, something that has not happened since 2008”, stressed. He accused the “very severe drought” of causing the main problems on the field and applauded the management of Sergio Massa.

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Criticism was not lacking for anyone. to the opposition He blamed him for the reproaches that were made to him: “During this time I heard how my moderation was criticized over and over again, but with my moderation I was able to face private creditors and I was able to put a stop to the conditions that the IMF had imposed on the government that preceded me.”

When applauded by the official legislators and booed by the opponents of his political party, he said ironically: “It is an honor that Deputy Iglesias insults me”. It was before the questions launched by the PRO legislator for the City, who during the moments prior to that passage had sat with his back to the President so as not to see him.

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To the pressthrew him: “It was very difficult to avoid given the levels of concentration that exist in our media systems. In addition, many of these media express economic and political interests opposed to the government, which hide or misrepresent information”he remarked.

However, he maintained that he has the “tranquillity” to make this observation knowing that during his government “no one has been censored, silenced or punished for their expressions”. “There is absolute freedom of the press and that is how it should be. I’m just warning against arguments that are often intellectually dishonest and hateful.. With these practices, citizens do not have the opportunity to know what the State is doing with public resources”he added.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation was not left out of the presidential darts either. “I once again demand that Justice deepen the investigation – of the attack on CFK -. I ask you to act with the same urgency with which cases are filed against judges and powerful businessmen.”

In addition, he stressed that the Justice “He crowned his performance with a first instance conviction of the Vice President of the Nation, after simulating a trial in which the minimum forms of due process were not taken care of and accusations that bordered on legal absurdity were formulated seeking his political disqualification”.

On the co-participation, he pointed out that “The meddling of Justice in budget execution is definitely inadmissible. It exceeds its faculties, forgets the jurisprudentially established rule that recognizes “non-justiciable political issues” and puts at risk the redistributive logic of the Federal Coparticipation Law, causing severe damage to the balance of public accounts.“.

And added: “Unfortunately, the Judiciary has not had public confidence for a long time, it does not work effectively andor is shown independently required against factual and political powers”.