The biotechnologist and researcher at Conicet Florencia Cayrol was distinguished as the scientist of the year by the Women Economic Forum 2022 for her studies on cancer treatments, they officially reported.

The scientist is a researcher at the Biomedical Research Institute (Biomed, Conicet-UCA) and is part of the Neuroimmunomodulation and Molecular Oncology Laboratory. Cayrol, a graduate of the National University of Quilmes (UNQ), was recognized for her studies on how to improve cancer treatments with low side effects for different types of malignant tumors.

The Conicet biotechnologist, who was also the winner of the Rising Talent at the L’Oréal-Unesco International Award “For Women in Science”, considered that “this distinction is not a personal matter, but is ultimately on behalf of all the scientific women of our country and above all my co-workers”.

The WEF Awards are presented to recognize ten representative and inspiring personalities from around the world.