The average price rise would be between 6% and 6.6% in August, a very high level, although below the record for the year that occurred in July, with 7.4% according to the Indec.

According to the different economic consultants that carry out price surveys, the consumer price index (CPI) would once again mark a monthly rate above 6%.

The consulting firm Orlando Ferreres y Asociados, for example, says that inflation this month was “above 6%” and that it will end 2022 very close to 100%.

Ecolatina, for its part, speaks of a CPI of 6.3%, 1.6 points below what was marked for the same consultant in July (7.9%).

For LCG, inflation for the eighth month of the year was 6.4% and for EcoGo, in the last week of August prices rose 1.6% and accumulate 6.7% in the month and according to the Fundación Libertad y Progreso, the CPI for the month ending advanced 6%.