During the month of June, the Córdoba Consumer Price Index (IPC-Cba) showed an increase of 5.37% in its General Level compared to the previous month. This increase marks the lowest inflation recorded so far this year.

According to the report, the heading of “goods” experienced a monthly variation of 5.87%, while that of “services” presented an increase of 4.34%. In interannual terms, the CPI-Cba has registered an increase of 107.86%.

Córdoba: consumer prices rose 5.37% in June • Channel C

Regarding seasonal goods and services, an increase of 4.74% was observed in June compared to the previous month. For their part, regulated goods and services had a variation of 3.20%, and the rest of the products that make up the CPI basket showed an increase of 6.12%.

The price survey and the calculation of the index They are carried out following the recommendations established in the Consumer Price Index Manual, prepared jointly by international organizations such as the International Labor Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, United Nations and the World Bank.

Córdoba: consumer prices rose 5.37% in June • Channel CCórdoba: consumer prices rose 5.37% in June • Channel C

Every month about 19,000 prices of 430 selected products in more than 1,400 establishments located throughout the city of Córdoba. These data are collected daily during the business days of the month through visits or contacts with surveyors. Traditional businesses of various sectors, supermarkets, service companies, schools and tenant homes are included in the price survey.

The inflation analysis it is critical to understanding the economic situation and making informed decisions. The data obtained through the IPC-Cba provide a detailed view of the changes in the prices of goods and services in the Córdoba region.

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