So far this year, the average drop is 2.6%. Inflation slowed last month, but users are choosing to carry fewer and fewer units per purchase.

The consulting firm Focus Market published a report indicating that in the month of August, mass consumption fell by 7.3% and accumulates a total of 2.6% so far this year.

Although consumption still maintains positive rates in small supermarkets, in the rest of the businesses it shows low rates. At the same time, there is a tendency to make more trips to the stores but with the purchase of fewer units each time: In a small self-service, the average Argentine takes 3.5 units of purchase and in a large supermarket, 5.4 units.

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From the organism they affirmed: “In the accumulated of the year, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) persists with a drop in consumption at a double-digit ratewhile the interior remains positive despite showing retraction in recent months”: in the AMBA, there was a slowdown of 10.2% so far this year.

And what is the variation by items? The purchase of food fell 5.9%; personal care items, 7.4%; and cleaning, 0.5%. Only beverages advanced 0.4%. “The positive variation of Beverages is explained by non-alcoholic beverages, which grew in consumption 1.7% while alcoholic beverages fell -4.2%”, the report underlines. Sugar, powdered soap, and hair dyes and treatments showed significant declines. On the other hand, isotonics, energizers, soups and alfajores grew in sales.

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