The national deputy of the Frente de Todos, Eduardo Valdés, regretted today that four different events have been organized on the Peronist Loyalty Day and that neither President Alberto Fernández nor Vice President Cristina Kirchner participate in the central event in Plaza de Mayo.

“There should be a single act for October 17, which is the one in the Plaza de Mayo, and it should be led by the president of the PJ, who is Alberto Fernández,” Valdés pointed out when interviewed in The990 Radio.

In addition, he revealed that the main cause that provoked the anger of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and Cristina Kirchner was that the President did not consult them about the changes in the Cabinet that he made last week.

He recalled that neither of them endorsed the new appointments in the Ministries of Women, Labor and Social Development and that, on top of that, the President “showed that they were not talking about them and that he was not going to notify them of the changes.”

And I add: “Perhaps this is why we are talking about divided acts. We are living the consequences. The central act will not have those who made these appointments.