Victoria Donda announced that she will not continue as head of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism, a few hours after her appointment as controller of that body ends.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, Donda said: “I will continue to be a member of the Frente De Todos for the free, just and egalitarian society that we dream of and, above all, we deserve.”

The appointment of the now former official expired this Saturday the 31st and according to reports, President Alberto Fernández decided not to renew it in order to normalize the management of INADI and appoint an authority permanently.

In a harsh statement, the former official unloaded: “Today I write these lines moving away from my institutional role as head of INADI, rightly convinced that it stopped listening where it should be done the most.”

“Strongly aggravating the foregoing, due to the fact that I am a woman and cannot find a legitimate space in the national government for our voices to be duly heard, a few minutes ago I found out through Juan Manuel Olmos, head of Advisors to the Presidency, about the possibility of my removal from INADI, mainly as a consequence, according to what I was informed, of my political position regarding the current stage, an element that I made visible on repeated occasions in my public speech”, added Donda.

In another section, he pointed to the conduction in the Casa Rosada, indicating that “the voices that for a long time have been insisting on the need to establish instances to reach a necessary synthesis in the midst of a national management that each time we it was leaving with a more bitter taste and without the capacity to respond to growing and complex demands for a society that expects more from us”.

The former national deputy had assumed her position at the beginning of the administration of President Fernández, in December 2019.