While the scandal with Jey Mammon and Marcelo Corazza continues, Telefe announced the launch of a new reality show: Argentina Got Talent. It is a talent show in which people of all ages sign up to show what they do best.

The program will be hosted by Lizy Tagliani and will be accompanied by four judges: Abel Pintos, Florencia Peña, Emir Abdul and La Joaqui. The balls channel confirmed it through its website and even gave a brief description of each of them:

  • Abel Pintos:”Number one artist of the Argentine music scene today. Throughout his career, the artist received multiple awards for his music, becoming a Latin American popular music icon“.
  • the joaqui:”Popular singer-songwriter, composer and rapper from Mar del Plata, as well as one of the greatest references in urban music and freestyle. Today she is one of the artists of the moment in the urban genre, being the ninth most listened to artist on Spotify Argentina“.
  • amir abdul:”Talented Uruguayan dancer and choreographer. He grew up in a very humble neighborhood of Montevideo and from a very young age his passion for music began. He has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and 25.5 million on TikTok“.
  • Florence Pena:”Actress, dancer, singer, host and one of the most complete and important figures of the Argentine show. She was distinguished with the most important awards: Martín Fierro, ACE, Estrella de Mar, Carlos and Konex“.

The announcement caused a stir on social networks, since many users assured that “La Joaqui” does not have enough power to judge the presentation of others: “Imagine that Joaqui tells you that you have no talent”exclaimed a follower. In addition, a well-known Twitter user posted a video in which the singer is heard giving a show without autotune.