The Government of the Province together with the Municipality of Córdoba inaugurated the Nursery Room number 189, it is located in the San Vicente neighborhood. It is a space that was given the name “Little Hearts” and will house a total of 60 boys and girls in double shifts. It has a kitchen, refrigerator, book boxes, mattresses, tables, chairs, cribs, games, toys, merry-go-round and slide, among other elements.

It should be remembered that the purpose of the Crib Rooms program is for the mothers of these little ones to be able to leave their children in a safe place while they study or work. There they will be provided with containment and the necessary care.

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In Córdoba capital there are a total of 7,715 children under the program. And throughout the province, the Government of Córdoba has already opened a total of 499 Nursery Rooms attended by a total of 18,062 children from 45 days to 3 years of age. This meant an investment of more than 1,896 million pesos.