In December 2021, the governments of Santa Fe and Córdoba reached an agreement with the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development for said international credit organization to finance the execution of Block “A” of Phase 1 of the Stage 1 of the Santa Fe – Córdoba Interprovincial Aqueduct, between the city of Coronda in the Province of Santa Fe and the city of San Francisco in the Province of Córdoba. The project will allow access to drinking water for towns in the eastern and central areas of the Province of Córdoba, and the center-west of the Province of Santa Fe.

Fabián López assured that the genesis of this idea began with a history that has been going on for several years and several different public administrations. “It is about something that transcends the administrations of Córdoba or Santa Fe and goes back to agreements that took place more than five or six years ago,” recalled the official.

Fabian Lopez

“The only precedent at the national level of works of this type is the subfluvial tunnel, which was executed by two provinces, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos. It is a new challenge with few precedents at the federal level in a country that supposedly manages this type of works at the national level federal but in fact there are very few made between two provinces”, explained the engineer López.

He also stressed that the Work will be carried out in two different stages. The first, from the new intake work on the Paraná River in Coronda (Santa Fe) to the city of San Francisco (Córdoba). In the second stage, an extension will be made from San Francisco to the city of Córdoba. It is expected that this work can provide drinking water to more than 50 towns in Cordoba.