After the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) released the inflation data for May, whose index was 5.1%, the political environment in Argentina became tense again. The fact that the year-on-year variation exceeds 60.7% and the rise in the blue dollar appear as a new alarm over the country’s economy.

As an expression of this, opposition deputies from Córdoba did not hesitate to criticize the executive branch through their social networks.

Mario Negri was one of the first to express his claim. The president of the UCR block in Deputies said: “The 5.1% in May confirms Argentina among the countries with the most inflation in the world, amid a stampede of country risk and the collapse of debt bonds in pesos” .

For his part, Rodrigo De Loredo, from Together for Change, assured that “this course will only consolidate greater poverty and a distressing and increasingly structural social framework”