With 15,528 tons of waste removed from the different landfills, the Municipality of Córdoba continues cleaning actions to maintain urban hygiene. The accumulated so far this year reaches 72,886 tons removed from macro, micro dumps and canals.

The works are coordinated from the Urban Hygiene Directoratedependent on the Secretariat of Environmental Management and Sustainability. It is about cleaning at fixed points and others to attend to the claims received from the neighbors.

The total for May can be broken down into 8,791 extracted from macro dumps. In these large areas, the tasks require a 2 m³ loader and three 25 m³ pan trucks for each of the five zones into which the city is divided.

This equipment changes for the works on Costanera avenue, sites where a skid steer loader and three smaller dump trucks operate.

other 5,567 tons They came from the work in micro-dumps, where a mini-loader and a dump truck were used for each CPC.

In addition they withdrew 1,171 tons waste in canals in the north and south of the city. At these points, work was done with a backhoe loader, a skid steer loader, a 6 m³ truck and another 25 m³ raft, as well as operators who carried out manual weeding and cleaning tasks.

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