The Córdoba Warehouse Center reported in its most recent survey that in the month of January one was registered inflation of 5.86% in the province. This indicates that year-over-year price increase (January 2022 / January 2023) stood at 100.5%.

This information indicates that a family of four (two adults and two kids) he needed 170,948 pesos to not be poor. The food basket to avoid falling into destitution is 88,985 pesos.

These data contrast with that reported by the Ombudsman, who gave the CBAs and CBTs a slightly lower value. However, it is close to the survey carried out by La Voz a few days ago, where inflation for the first month of the year stood at 6.3%, and the Basic Food Basket cost $78,934 .

“43% of Households could not access all the foods that make up the Basic Food Basket (CBA) during January 2023”they affirmed from Almaceneros.

In conclusion, the entity questioned the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa. “The capricious effort of Minister Massa, to renew and expand products and categories of the Fair Prices Program without including the deep interior of the country and, in the case of food, excluding the local retail sector and not containing the structural products of the Basket Basic Food; It is absolutely insufficient and ineffective to contain such an inflationary process.they stated.