The deputy governor of Córdoba, Manuel Calvo, arrived in Jesús María this Thursday to inaugurate the Program to Strengthen Deliberative Councils carried out by the Legislature in the interior of the province, and also toured the road works carried out by the Province in that town and in Colonia Caroya .

In dialogue with the press, and referring to the joint work carried out between the provincial government and the municipalities, the deputy governor stated: “if there is something that characterizes Córdoba, it is that we can think differently, but we work together. Here is Gustavo (Brandan), and there is Luis (Picat), the mayor of Jesús María, we are from different political parties, but we can work together. And that is what it is all about, Córdoba is a province that advances, advances in the political relationship, in the treatment of production and the countryside, in industry, and in infrastructure works, and that is possible because there is dialogue and there is predictability in the things that are produced and projected in time”.

In this context, Manuel Calvo affirmed that “Córdoba is a beacon to follow in Argentina”, and added: “We Cordovans are lucky to have the best governor that Argentina has, who is Juan Schiaretti”.