There was a change in the article 32 on law 8802. As of today, the selection of judges must be by order of merit and determined by the Magistracy Council, the body that is in charge of assisting the executive branch in the selection of lower court magistrates.

The brand new article of the reform established: “the Governor will send to the provincial Legislature the specifications of applicants for positions of Magistrates and Officials of the Judiciary, according to the order of merit drawn up by the Council of the Magistracy“.

The pro-government legislator Julieta Rinaldi, in charge of defending the project ratified “It is that self-limitation in pursuit of institutional and republican quality that calls us today. It is the need to take another step in the hierarchization of that political decision that our government had in its beginnings. In Córdoba we trust the work of the Council”.

He also added, “Through this initiative it is intended to establish the express limitation to the Executive Power that embodies through a law the inalterability of the political decision of the governors of the province of Córdoba practiced from 1999 to date and, in turn, shield and consolidate the restrictive rule, for the sake of the best institutional quality that implies an independent Judiciary”

“In short, it is encouraged that the new plexus ensures equal conditions for applicants and strengthens respect for the criteria and standards set in the selection procedure for applicants for the exercise of justice administration. Establishing that, at the time of issuing the designation act, the Executive Branch must compulsorily respect the order of merit established by the selection body.

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Among other topics:

El Fortín is a town of no more than 2000 inhabitants which is located in the department of San Justo, bordering the province of Santa Fé. The extension that was granted by the Legislature of Córdoba was up to a total of 136 hectares, 8,496 square meters.

In the case of Sampacho, which is located to the southwest of the department of Río Cuarto and which has a sum of 10,108 inhabitantsyou will get a total extension of 838 hectares, 9285 square meters.