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Córdoba moves to the rhythm of FID2022

The biennial proposal directed by Melisa Cañas will return to attendance this year with a mixed edition that includes both virtual and face-to-face activities.

The programming includes five major axes:

International residency:The presence of Barcelona’s Konic Thr (an artistic platform that combines art and new technologies) will be one of the central axes, since for a week Spanish artists will work together with local artists at the Bruma Residence, the results of which can be seen at the stage that will be set up on April 30 in the Plaza de la Intendencia.

Conversations:The programming includes face-to-face and virtual talks that revolve around the problem of dance. The talk on “Public policies for dance in the region: models and horizons from the community and the State” and “The myth of the ephemeral, memory and time in dance” are highlighted, a discussion by Poéticas Corporales, a thought magazine stage, in commemoration of its 10 years.

Workshops and trainings:There will be workshops open to the public on breakdance, composition of urban choreographies, among others, and specific training such as contemporary Afro by Hugo Rojas from Paraguay with free participation.

Functions:During the festival you can enjoy different performances by international artists who are part of the FID such as Konic and Hugo Rojas who will present Kamba Aranga. The great local urban dance movement will also be represented by the Free Low show. In addition, the Festi Piluso will also be part of the closing program of the festival and on April 29, International Dance Day, interventions will be carried out in various public spaces. It is important to highlight the participation of the Municipal Dance Theater Cast as well as the Municipal Ballet that will accompany the artistic proposal.

Videodance:An international videodance exhibition will be held in which representatives from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Spain and France will participate.

Within this framework, the exhibition will have a jury that will select three proposals that will be able to access the POP (Professional Orientation Program) for specific work tutorials for those projects that will be accompanied by references from the dance sector.

The entrance to the festival will be free and free. To see the complete grid, you can access the website or Instagram @fidanza.cordoba.

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