The Ministry of Public Services, in collaboration with the Córdoba Culture Agency, the Public Services and Works Entity of the Municipality of Córdoba, the company BNP Eventos and the Las Chilcas SA Establishment, have signed an agreement to carry out actions to mitigate the environmental impact of events and shows.

The main measure will consist of transition from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and biofuels. In addition, the company BNP Eventos will commit to offsetting the carbon footprint by acquiring carbon credits, whose funds will be used to install photovoltaic solar energy projects in educational or health establishments, among others, with the collaboration of Las Chilcas.

For its part, the Entity of Services and Public Works of the Municipality of Córdoba will collaborate by providing containers such as containers, stations and hoods for the collection of dry waste at events and massive shows organized by BNP Eventos.

Bartolomé Heredia, Secretary of Energy Development of the Ministry of Public Services, highlighted: “The agreement we have entered into has the objective of gradually migrating to the use of biofuels for electricity generation and calculating the carbon footprint of events and shows, in order to later be able to compensate it by investing in the installation of photovoltaic solar energy projects in educational establishments or health, just as we have done with Cosquín Rock”.

Present at the signing of the agreement were Victoria Flores, president of Coys; Marco Cigneti, director of Coys; Carlos Giraudo, vocal of Coys; Nicolás Vottero, Director of Circular Economy of the Municipality of Córdoba; Franco Kreiker, official of the Public Services and Works Entity of the Municipality of Córdoba; Raúl Sansica, president of the Córdoba Culture Agency; Andrés Aguilar Benítez, president of Las Chilcas; Hernán Cattaneo and Micaela Aballay, representatives of the production company BNP.

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