From Inquilinos Agrupados Córdoba they released a statement in which they ask for “more regulation and more controls”, in the framework of the debate on the modification of the Rental Law that occurs in the National Congress.

In this regard, they stated: “If the deputies analyze a tax reduction for the owners who decide to rent their properties, the tenants ask for a tax increase on empty housing.” They also added: “If the deputies of Together for Change and the libertarians ask to free up the real estate market more, the tenants ask for more regulation and more controls.”

According to Inquilinos Agrupados Córdoba, parliamentary sources from the Frente de Todos “indicated that the majority of the members of the bloc are in favor of supporting the law approved in 2020, the three-year contracts and the annual update scheme.”

Thus given the things, Inquilinos Agrupados Córdoba, warned that “there could be a divided opinion, one from the Front of All, another from Together for Change, and the third by the libertarians”, for which three different proposals would arrive to modify the legislation that regulates real estate rentals.