The General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses of the province of Córdoba reported that in the provincial territory, in the month of December 2022, there was a 6.03% increase in the Córdoba Construction Cost Index (ICC – Cba). At the year-on-year level -comparing with the same month of 2021-, the rise was 88.17%.

This value is double that registered the previous year: between December 2021 and December 2022, the year-on-year variation was 44.32%.

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Next, the monthly variation by Chapters:

On the other hand, it transpired that the cost of the square meter, for its part, assumed a value of $115,440.5. It should be noted that this value had a significant rise year-on-year, since in December 2021, the cost per square meter was $61,348.4.

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Brief methodological note

The Construction Cost Index (ICC-Cba) measures the monthly variations experienced by the cost of construction of a standard social housing.

The index is made up of three divisions called “Chapters” that involve the prices of different elements. The “Chapters” are: “Materials”, includes the prices of 124 inputs; “Manpower”, 6; and “Miscellaneous”, 11. The total set of “Chapters” is classified as “General Level”, which includes the prices of the 141 items listed above.

Currently, the standard home is made up of a kitchen-dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.. The covered area is 50.25 m2, the ceramic block masonry with thick and fine plaster, the floors are ceramic and the roof is tile..

The general assumptions consider that:

  • The house is built by an individual, with which the prices are final, that is, they include VAT.
  • The house is built in the city of Córdoba.
  • The work begins and ends in the same month.
  • The value of the land is not included.
  • The value of hiring a professional is contemplated to carry out the design, the construction management and the rest of the personnel (official bricklayer, official medium and laborer).
  • The values ​​of construction rights are included, such as municipal authorization and other related fees, professional fees per project and technical direction (considering the regulations set by the College of Architects of the Province of Córdoba) and the connections to services required in the construction process, such as running water, electricity and natural gas, plus their consumption during the reference month (except gas consumption).
  • The following costs are excepted: the value of the land; freight expense for inputs; and, infrastructure such as the demarcation of streets, sewage, electricity, water networks and other expenses related to the context in which the house is built.

Source: Government of Córdoba