The Government of the Province of Córdoba informed that there will be a recess for the Provincial Public Administration from the Monday 2 to Tuesday 31 January arranged through the Decree No. 1622/2022.

The decision was made by “a marked decrease in procedures and procedures in different areas of the Provincial Government, that is, lower levels of activity and service requirements by citizens and the Legislative and Judicial Powers of the Province of Córdoba.”

In this way, an orderly management of the human and material resources of the Provincial Administration is ensured with a view to rationalizing public spending. Consequently, ordinary annual license is granted during this time to the agents of the Centralized Provincial Public Administration, “With the exception of the personnel that is necessary to affect minimum guards for the fulfillment of the tasks considered essential, in which case they must be authorized by the holders of the respective areas.”

The following are excepted from the recess: Public and Citizen Security Forces; centers and/or assistance areas dependent on the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and Ministry of Women; areas of climate risk management, catastrophes and civil protection.