This Thursday a meeting was held between the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Sergio Busso, together with the authorities of the Liaison Table for the agricultural emergency that affects the province mainly due to the drought. The numbers indicate that there are 4 million hectares of the province under agricultural emergency in polygons of 22 departments; 3,700 producers made the declarations and more than 1,500 certificates have already been delivered to the producers, after the verifications.

It is because of this complex situation that it was decided that “Every producer who is affected by drought or frost will receive the benefits of the provincial agricultural emergency, and after approval by the Nation, those of the national one”affirmed Minister Sergio Busso.

For her part, Vanesa Padulles, from Coninagro, highlighted the fact that any affected producer can request an emergency by carrying out the corresponding procedure. On the other hand, she made a request to the national government: “We request that resolution 7600 of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic be repealed, which establishes that the holder of 5% of merchandise cannot access any of the benefits of the emergency and that merchandise is a future forecast”, he requested.

On the other hand, the Minister informed that the presentation of the Affidavit of Agricultural Emergency was extended until April 5. The original deadline was March 31 and it was agreed with the Liaison Desk to extend the deadline a few days.

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The declaration of the agricultural emergency is made through the CiDi, and the main benefits are the extension of the Rural Real Estate Tax in case of emergency and the cancellation in case of disaster, depending on whether the productive affectation is 50% or 70%, respectively. On the other hand, financial assistance through the official entities of the province, in this case Bancor, which extends the expiration of credits from affected producers.

The provincial decrees of agricultural emergency need to be approved at the national level in order to enjoy the national agricultural emergency, which also establishes an extension of payments to public financial entities and tax extensions or deferrals.

“They are assisting with the producer’s money and we must move forward with the elimination of withholdings, which is the money that the State has and the producer lacks”, Busso said regarding the measures announced by the Nation.