The provincial Ministry of Education will equip the 64 agrotechnical schools with DJI Mavic Air 2-type drones, which will be used in training practices and especially in those related to precision agriculture. The measure will benefit 9,000 students and 300 teachers from these establishments.

The agency finalized the first purchase of nine drones and 64 Eiwa Platform licenses (precision data), while the acquisition of the remaining 55 devices that will arrive in the next 30 days is managed, to complete all the establishments with this specialty , with an investment that will total $32,340,000.

Each team has an autonomous flight license and a platform with drone and satellite image processing. The objective is that the students have knowledge of these new tools and know how to operate them.

In this sense, this Tuesday the practical training began (the theoretical ones were carried out last week) for the 64 teachers of the specialty at the IPEA 4 facilities in Chacra de la Merced. The technicians in charge of the instruction explained, on the one hand, the different applications of the software that allows planning the missions and programming the drone flight plan and, on the other, the preparation of the equipment on the ground, configuration, takeoff, monitoring of flight, image recording and landing.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Education, Walter Grahovac, who after the first moment of practice addressed the teachers: “This initiative for our schools to get closer to the technologies that are being used in the productive sector seeks to generate opportunities the kids for the future and those opportunities go hand in hand with you who are with them on a daily basis, who teach them and guide them”.

The practical training began with the assembly of drones, recognition of all its parts, flight mission configuration, data processing and commissioning. The training will continue with an accompaniment for the teachers, when the time comes to put the equipment into operation in the schools.

Source: Ministry of Education of Córdoba