For more than 10 years, entrepreneurs from Cordoba have designed, created, produced and marketed didactic games for boys and girls with recycled material and with the modality in which the minors are the ones who can assemble the pieces and give them their mark in order to promote their own cognitive development and creativity.

“The game comes folded and it is the final consumer who finishes assembling it, we work hard on the design so that assembly is not so complex, but the truth is that we had no problems with that,” Matías Portela, one of the of the partners of Ondulé.

The product that is sold the most in Ondulé is a ‘big house’, where boys and girls can go inside, it is 1.15 meters high by 80 centimeters wide and long, in which a child of four, five and up to six years enters even stopped.

The company

Ondulé sells mainly to businesses, totaling some 350 points of sale throughout the country, although they also market their products for the final consumer through the Internet through their e-commerce.

“Most of the negotiations are via the internet, almost no one talks with customers, it’s through Whatsapp, Instagram, that face-to-face contact has been lost. When we started we spent a lot of time in Buenos Aires selling, I walked a lot to get the network of toy stores that sell our products,” admitted Portela.

From Barrio Observatorio, where the company’s headquarters are located, Portela commented that the development and design of products require an interdisciplinary team. “We work with educational psychologists, psychomotorists, even with a clown. We have many fundamentals of product development, and each person contributes from their expertise to improve the product,” the entrepreneur explained.