By Mercedes Romero Sabaini

This Sunday, February 19, the last night of the Cosquin Rock in it Santa Maria de Punilla aerodrome. On its second day, the festival summoned more than 120 thousand people to enjoy a large number of artists, far exceeding its capacity in relation to the previous day.

Starting the day with favorable weather, the stages were packed with crowds eager to have a good time and sing the songs of their favorite artists at the top of their lungs.

On this second day, the activities to carry out continued to be present and in the intervals from one show to another, they brought together large numbers of people willing to do something different. From tattoos, bag designs, to various games, there was no place where you could not have a good time.

Something that caught the attention of the majority was the small presentation of motocross, bikers and skaters organized by Monster at the end of the show Fito Paez.

Sunday was marked by the generational difference of artists and genres. They were present Young Beggars, Crossing the Puddle, Paz Carrara, Dillom, Grandfather’s Pills, Babasónicos, Ciro and the Persians, La Vela Puerca, Airbag, Tiestoamong many others that made the gathered people enjoy themselves.

Years go by and the festival continues to captivate both the people of Cordoba and the tourists who came from different parts of Argentina as well as from other countries.

Like all good things, there were bad parts and that was due to the robberies that some people suffered. Despite the police controls, some had no luck and between the movements inside the pogo and the distraction, they were injured. Another aspect to highlight is the discontent presented at the high prices of the food stalls since most of them exceeded one thousand pesos.

Despite the drawbacks, it is undeniable to admit that the passion for music prevailed in the two days of the festival. Nothing compares to the feeling of being in front of your favorite artist and being able to listen to his songs live and experience a magical moment.

If Cosquín Rock continues at this level, it would not be surprising if the next editions greatly exceed the objectives that may be set by the organization.