According to a study of the Argentine Pharmaceutical Confederation (Cofa)sales in pharmacies reached 77% as of December 10, where they went from 5,087 dispensations to almost 9,000 per day, a figure that almost doubles the previous maximum peak of May with 5,645 daily units.

It was established that the Saturday December 10 they were sold 5,087 self testwhile eMonday 12 sales rose to 8,955 units without counting that almost 50% of people who performed the self-test gave results positive, coinciding with the increase in coronavirus cases that have been registered in recent weeks.

Until now, the increase in waivers was registered mainly in the City and province of Buenos Aires, but in the last week it began to spread to the whole countryas indicated by the Cofa in a press release.

currently exist six self test marks available in pharmacies throughout the country so that citizens can access their control on suspicion of contagion of Covid-19.

From the Confederation they remembered that the results must be reported within 24 hours of dispensing through various channels: communicating directly with the pharmacy; scanning the QR code provided by the pharmacist at the time of dispensing or entering the result on the web

Likewise, it was clarified that these results are declared by Cofa to the National Health Surveillance System to add these data to the analysis of the general situation of the country.