The last session of the 144th legislative period, chaired by Lieutenant Governor Manuel Calvo, left among its approvals the creation of an Emergency Fund for the Infrastructure of Provincially Managed Educational Establishments, aimed at meeting the costs of works and basic services necessary for the operation of the aforementioned establishments.

The initiative, according to its text, was raised by the Executive Power to declare the “emergency of the infrastructure of state-run educational establishments in the province of Córdoba, until December 31, 2023.” Its purpose is to “guarantee the safety and normal development of activities” of educational establishments in all its modalities and levels.

In this way, the application authority will fall under the orbit of the Ministry of Education, which in turn will be in charge of the administration of the Fund. This, for its part, will be made up of contributions from the provincial treasury, in addition to amounts sent by the national State, subsidies or credits with specific allocation for construction and/or repair of educational establishments, among others.

To argue the need for the regulations, legislator Sara García explained that “the main objectives are the construction, in the short and medium term, of 100 classrooms, as well as the repair of many schools throughout the province, to respond in useful times to the entire educational community ”, he indicated.

Regarding the necessary intervention that the Court of Accounts has constitutionally in administrative acts, García pointed out that article 4 of the project “provides that the remission made by the Authority of Application of the Fund to the Court of Accounts of the Definitive Commitment is a sufficient instrument Global of the budget credits foreseen for the fiscal year”.

It should be noted that the application authority may sign respective agreements with the municipalities. “It is one more manifestation of the concerted federalism to which we refer so many times in this room,” added García.

Closing her speech, the legislator said: “I think it is a regulatory instrument that will allow us to face challenges and comply with obligations regarding building infrastructure in the best possible way, for the next school year.”