Hector Cuevas, a police officer accused of covering up the crime against Lucas González, asked to expand his investigative statement at the trial hearing with 14 police officers for the crime and the plot to hide it. The man spoke and shocked the courtroom when he revealed who planted the gun and how did you get to the place.

“It is my duty to say what I saw that November 17, if I did not do it before it is because I am panicking, I’m afraid of what could happen to my family, my children, after you declare. I don’t know if it was just one loco shooting, there is a background here”, he expressed.

He commented that he arrived at the scene of the crime due to an alert sent by the Comuna 4 Brigade in which they “asked for support due to an armed confrontation.” And he added that he approached the victim’s car and his friends: “I saw Lucas very injured, a lot of blood. I saw some backpacks, I looked in the back and there were no weapons, any kind of weapons, neither firearms nor toy weapons, I didn’t see them”. With this testimony, he made it known that a weapon was planted that day.

Cuevas recalled that a civilian “approaches the car” of the victims. He was, according to his account, “about five meters away.” And then he revealed that “in the back of the back door, which was open, he throws the gun.” According to the defendant, they brought the weapon from a chest at the Comuna 4 police station.

“I panicked, I thought about my family, about my children,” he said and was silent for a long time: “I don’t know what will happen to them after this.” However, he would later tell who was the person who planted the weapon. In this context, he said: “After watching the news, I identified that one of the three detainees from the Brigade was the one who had planted the weapon. It was Issasi”.

Gabriel Alejandro Issasi, Fabián Andrés López and Juan José Nieva, one of the three accused of the murder. The three were members of the Brigades and Summaries Division of Commune 4 of the City Police.

“What they did is crazy. I can’t say who ordered them to go look for that weapon, but I can tell you later that I was able to recognize Issasi, who came on the Commune’s motorcycle brought by Torres, spoke with Inca and Inca told him: ‘Put that in the car,’” he blurted out, and the words bounced around the room hard.

Cuevas not only implicated Isassi and Inca, he also pointed to the driver of the motorcycle who took the weapon directly to plant and who is not accused in the case: “While detained, I found out on the radio that officer Torres boasted of having given him that weapon, that toy, that he kept in the chest of the police station”.

Finally, Hector spoke to Lucas’s family lawyer: “They ruined the lives of many families. Doctor Dalbón, I apologize, as a person, as a father, as a policeman, but if I said this before, they would kill me, my family, because these people kill, lie, as they did with Lucas.” Dalbón replied: “Only forgive God.”

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