Last thursday 22 The oral trial for the crime of Lucio Dupuy, the five-year-old boy who died on November 26, 2021, after 18 hearings behind closed doors in the courts of Santa Rosa, La Pampas.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Veronica Ferrero requested life imprisonment for the mother of the minor, Magdalena Esposito Valenti, and your partner, Abigail Paez. He also asked that they be found guilty of “qualified murder and sexual abuse” of the victim.

This Monday the last words of the stepmother were released during the trial hearing. “I want to apologize to my family and my mom because I failed her. (…) I don’t really know what happened”, express. Among other words, he also said “… I know he forgave me. Hopefully I can forgive myself.”

Within his testimony he assured that he did not lie at any time. “I did not declare the robbery to the Police because it was not true, it was a moment of despair. I told that to a neighbor I didn’t know. I did not come here to lie, but to give my version and tell the truth of the facts; and though I did not swear, I swear now by all my beliefs that what I said is the truth.”, were the words of Abigail Paez, as published The sand, the local newspaper that covered the entire trial.

for his part Valentine, He assumed his guilt for the breaches but did not miss an opportunity to target the father of the minor. “They criticize me, but not the parent – ​​because the father is too big for him -. He is justified when the responsibility was both of us.” And he lashed out saying “at all times he ignored the creature.”

ferrero introduced in his accusation the aggravating factor of “gender hatred”; instead, the defenses hypothesized a fact “preterintentional”, that is, when the aggressor intends to cause damage but not death.

The case will continue on February 2 at noon when it is resolved whether the defendants are guilty or not Then there will be a period of 15 days in which a new hearing will be held in which it will finally be fixed the sorrow.