The Justice portal of the province of Córdoba announced that from today lawyers from all over the province are enabled to file electronic complaints through the Claims Filing system. These actions take place within the framework of the implementation of the Electronic File in the Criminal Court.

They detailed that the categories of judgment that can be presented with this new modality are: Complaint filed, Habeas corpus, Habeas data and Complaint.

At the Capital headquarters, these complaints are electronically entered into the Criminal Jurisdiction Entry Desk, which is then drawn by the corresponding prosecutor’s office. In the case of the headquarters of the interior, the complaints are presented in the investigative prosecutor’s offices that correspond in turn.

Once these presentations have a file number, the assistant can continue processing the case through the SAC (Cause Administration System) for Assistants. In addition, the presentation of electronic writings in the files filed in the judicial units of the entire province, through SAC, is enabled.

Source: Cordoba Justice