The Monada group, made up of the brothers Juanito, Lucas and Agustín Ninci, experienced an unusual moment on Cristian Bazán’s radio program. Everything was recorded by a cell phone camera and it was the band itself that shared the recording through its Tiktok account.

In the video you can see Juanito performing a song until at one point he decides to start playing with the microphone, however the driver interrupts him and asks to cut the music. He immediately asks her not to play with it himself because he could end up breaking it. “Don’t play with the microphone because the other day one dropped it and it’s not good”began by saying the radio host.

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Then he addressed the public that was in the place and stated that the whole situation was a “disrespect” for which he asked the musicians to withdraw from his program: “Right now I’m going to ask the cutie to send her to move”. Finally the musicians got up from their chairs and withdrew from the program.

Although everything seemed to be a situation of tension between the musicians and the driver, several users realized that it was a parody referring to a moment that Cristian Bazán starred in years ago with the Turf singer. Although other users did not understand the joke and justified the driver for his actions.

Watch the video here: