A particular video of Cristian Castro went viral on social networks and was the product of hundreds of comments from Internet users. Currently, the Mexican singer is installed in Argentina to continue with the recordings of Canta Conmigo Ahora, a cycle of El Trece in which he participates as a jury, but he takes advantage of every moment that he has free from work to tour the city.

Through social networks, specifically on Twitter, a video of Cristian Castro in La Bombonera went viral and drove Boca Juniors fans crazy. Despite the fact that the interpreter of various hits such as Blue either For loving You so He keeps certain details of his personal life private, with this video he revealed his great fanaticism for soccer, especially for this Argentine team.

In the clip you can see Castro singing the song “Dale, dale Boca” on the field. Quickly, the video reached hundreds of people, both Boca Juniors fans and non-fans, and many gave their opinion about Cristian’s particular way of singing, since many noticed that he only moved his lips a little and moved his hands.

However, several club fans took the opportunity to celebrate the situation. “Another reason to love him even more”, “Hold on Cristian”, “The hottest fan”, “Genius”, were some of the messages of affection that accompanied the unexpected clip of Cristian Castro in La Bombonera.