The couple of one of the main candidates for councilor for Together for Change in the city of Córdoba asked the provincial Justice for the restitution of 60,000 pesos seized during a search related to a drug trafficking case. As he argued, the money was intended to pay the working day of five people in charge of mounting posters for the municipal campaign of Together for Change.

The raid was carried out in a house located in the Marqués de Sobremonte neighborhood, where the militants were preparing proselytizing material. Although the five people were identified, none of them is part of the judicial investigation that led to the operation. In this context, the brother of the candidate for councilor was arrested, and he is suspected of being dealer.

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The candidate’s couple requested the restitution of the 60,000 pesos, arguing that they were personal funds earmarked for the campaign and that they would later be repaid from the campaign fund. The woman’s lawyer requested that the bank statements be reviewed to demonstrate the traceability of the money claimed. On the other hand, the defendant’s mother also claimed the restitution of 100 thousand pesos corresponding to her retirement.

The Prosecutor’s Office is analyzing both requests, and it is probable that the amount corresponding to the retirement assets will be reinstated. However, the 60,000 pesos destined to pay militant wages will have another judicial treatment. The investigation continues and the possible link between the disrupted cell in the Marqués de Sobremonte neighborhood and the Los Peruanos gang, one of the main and most violent drug gangs in the city of Córdoba, is being investigated.