Recently there was a political scandal that took place in the Council of the Judiciary, which began with the appointment of deputy Reyes and the denunciation of the request for amparo initiated by Senator Luis Juez with the aim of declaring that appointment null and void.

In this context, Daniel Sabsay, lawyer and former president of the Argentine Association of Constitutional Law, spoke with In the end about this controversy.

“I think that unfortunately since the Fernandez assumed the presidency and vice-presidency of the Nation, a vast impunity plan was launched for Cristina’s causes. It went from presidentialism to vice-presidentialism in an open violation of the Constitution.” Sabsay sentenced and stated that there was a deal between Alberto and Cristina to save the latter.

The lawyer attributed this controversy that was generated in the council of the magistracy to a desperate move by the vice president. “I imagine that this lady’s desperation is so great that she pulls the rope as much as she can to get out,” he said.

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