50 years after the return of Juan Domingo Perón to Argentina, after 17 years of his forced exile and his ban, the Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner heads this Thursday from 18 an act at the Diego Maradona de La Plata stadium to celebrate Militancy Day.

“This Thursday marks the 50th anniversary of Perón’s return to Argentina after 17 years of exile. See you in La Plata #LaFuerzaDeLaEsperanza,” says the invitation.

This will be the second public activity of the Vice President after the assassination attempt she suffered on September 1 at the door of her home, in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The first reappearance had been on November 3 in the plenary session of the Metallurgical Workers Union (UOM).

“Security is essential to take care of Cristina” Fernández de Kirchner, remarked from the organization and, for that reason, it was arranged to carry out “controls during the development” of the meeting, “similar to those of a massive recital”, with two safety rings and technological devices to detect metals.

However, admission for the general public will be free and a system of bracelets or tickets will not be used. The meeting was organized to commemorate the half century since Perón’s return to Argentina after 17 years of exile after the coup d’état that occurred in September 1955.