One of the lawyers of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, José Manuel Ubeira, announced that he will appeal the decision of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires “because of the scandal involved” in the order for the release of the members of the Federal Revolution. The magistrate called the decision of the judges “fascist”, since, he considered, “it encourages those who want to violate the rule of law.”

“It is a fascist case because those who want to violate the rule of law are encouraged to have some degree of impunity granted by the judicial system,” said the lawyer in dialogue with AM 750.

Chamber I of the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber, made up of Mariano Llorens, Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi, ordered on Tuesday the release of Jonathan Morel, Leonardo Sosa, Gastón Guerra and Sabrina Basile, the four members of the Federal Revolution.

Consulted by this measure, the lawyer confided that “for the first time in my professional life I am going to appeal for the scandal that means the release from prison, with which Morel is lightly separated.”

In this way, he considered the decision of the magistrates “excessive” as there is no defined procedural situation for the defendants, since the case is “in full process.”

Source: Telam