After more than five hours of meeting, after 2 in the morning of this Friday, the meeting of the national table of the Front of All in which the Government began to define its electoral strategy. The referents of the ruling party released the consensual communiqué between the different parties in which they supported the denouncement of proscription against Cristina Kirchner.

The head of La Bancaria, Sergio Palazzo, asked to form a commission to reject the ban on the vice president and to be a candidate in the next elections. The proposal had the endorsement of all sectors, including Alberto Fernández.

During the meeting, most of those present spoke. According to infobaethe leader of La Cámpora, Máximo Kirchner, stated that it is not viable “make an internal to the President” for a few STEP. The Head of State took that statement and assured that he will seek his re-election, but clarified: “If a better one appears, I’ll get off”. Somehow they began to clarify the electoral roadmap.

Beyond the candidacies, the Frente de Todos agreed to focus on reaching “a common program” to develop forward if they manage to retain power in the presidential elections. Everyone in, no one out. From Matheu 130 came a message of unity out of conviction and out of necessity. Separated, defeat will be assured.

The common plan is the search for a point of unity. Achieve what Peronism could not achieve once it came to power under the umbrella of the Frente de Todos. The logic that is imposed is that if there is a STEP, prior to the moment of the competition there is an agreement so that everyone supports a common political and economic program, which avoids the internal cracks that were generated in the current government.

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With information from Infobae