Vice President Cristina Kirchner will reappear today at 7:00 p.m. at a public event in Avellaneda after being sentenced to six years in prison and lifelong disqualification in the Roads case.

She will be accompanied by the local mayor Jorge Ferraresi and the event will end with the inauguration of the Diego Maradona sports center in Villa Corinapara, which includes a large heated pool, futsal, soccer and hockey fields.

From the Peronist side, they hope that the former president will rule on her role in the 2023 elections, although there is also a strong expectation about what she may say in the face of the controversy between the Government and the Supreme Court over the payment of the co-participation to The city of Buenos Aires.

Until now, no member of the hard Kirchnerism has come out publicly to criticize or support Alberto Fernández’s decision to pay with bonds for the restitution of the resources from the federal co-participation to CABA, as ordered by the Court through a precautionary measure.

From La Cámpora, the highest court had been questioned in harsh terms for the ruling that benefited the Buenos Aires district. One of his references, the Minister of the Interior Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, was blunt: “It cannot be that, if they lose an election, they are going to knock on the door of the quarters of the Supreme Court as before they would knock the door of the military barracks”, he asserted.

In the preview of the act on Tuesday, Ferraresi himself fed the versions regarding possible electoral definitions of Cristina Kirchner. He indicated that “if she has to be a candidate, she will be,” despite the fact that the Vice herself was in charge of ruling out that possibility the same day that she received the sentence in the Public Works case.