Federal judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi accepted Cristina Kirchner as the plaintiff in the investigation against the Federal Revolution party for alleged threats on different social networks against the Vice President of the Nation.

After Cristina Kirchner’s request, the judge accepted her under that role that will allow her to access the file, but also request evidence in the framework of the investigation that is currently under summary secrecy.

The investigation arose from a presentation by the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) against the party for alleged threats to the Vice President, and gained relevance in parallel to the file for the attack against the former president for which there are four detainees.

The intention of the Vice President is to find out who is behind these groups and by whom they are financed, including Federal Revolution led by Jonathan Morel and Franco Castelli.

It dates from different threats made on social networks, also incidents that the party carried out in marches in front of the Vice President’s house, where one of its members would have thrown down a fence that was stationed in the place.