Lawyer Gregorio Dalbón, one of the lawyers representing Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, confirmed that the former president’s request to join the lawsuit in the case investigating the assassination attempt “is ready”, and assured that, In the event that irregularities are verified in the process of manipulating the defendant’s cell phone, those responsible will be accused of “aggravated negligence and concealment.”

In a dialogue with Télam, Dalbón explained the steps he will follow: “The complaint is ready for the vice president’s signature, which will be done on Monday,” he said.

“Once I sign, I will go to the Courts of Comodoro Py to file it and ask to speak with the judge and the prosecutor so that they can give me an explanation of the negligence and what they consider to have happened in relation to the loss of data from the defendant’s cell phone. “, he continued.

He thus referred to the case being investigated by Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and Prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, and to the note -published on Page 12- that maintains that the technical expertise of the security forces would have failed in the task of recovering the cell phone information of Fernando Sabag Montiel, the man arrested for the attack against the vice president, so the information on his phone is at risk of being lost.

“In the event that the court recognizes the negligence of evidence as important as the cell phone of a defendant who tried to kill the vice president, a criminal case will be initiated against all those responsible for the investigation, including Judge Capuchetti and to the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, the Federal Police, the Aeronautical Police, court personnel, and all those who had access to the custody of the defendant’s telephone,” said Dalbón, who clarified that in his opinion it would be “negligence and aggravated cover-up”.

“It is incredible that when Cristina (Kirchner) is a victim, the judges do nothing, as Judge Manuel de Campos did in the case of death threats, or that they make mistakes and lose such important data as the one that comes from the phone of a murderer in this case. In this case the evidence disappears and in other cases the evidence does not exist, “added the lawyer.

“In my opinion there will be more (defendants) because I understand that he did not act alone,” said the lawyer about the defendant.

The lawyer was consulted on this point by a friend of the attacker who had maintained in a television interview that Sabag Montiel “unfortunately did not rehearse before” perpetrating his assassination attempt.

“The idea is that we are going to denounce him and ask for explanations of his statements,” confirmed Dalbón.

This is how the alleged friend of the accused referred, who, in a note with the TV Telefe signal, said: “I think his original intention was to kill her, but unfortunately he did not rehearse before.”

Source: Telam