The Netflix Basic plan with ads is a subscription plan that contains ads that allows the user to enjoy movies and series at a lower price. They will appear before or during most series and movies. In addition, the contents in this plan can be seen in HD video quality (up to 720p).

The company claimed that people could see about 4 minutes of ads per hour. That is, each ad will last approximately 30 seconds. However, in the last few hours, some criticisms of this subscription were made known, which we are going to detail below:

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-In an episode of a sitcom or anime, users are met with an initial 20-second ad, and then another pause that can last up to 80 seconds.

-When playing a movie over 2 hours, you are likely to see a total of 8 minutes of ads segmented into various ad breaks,

-You will not be able to see all the content of Netflix, there will be some series and movies that will remain blocked in this plan.

-We will not be able to download content to watch offline, so we will need an Internet connection whenever we want to play something on Netflix.

-The basic plan is not available for all devices. If you try to access Netflix from the Windows app, an error code will appear that will prevent you from playing any content. The same happens if you are using a mobile device lower than iOS 15 or Android 7.