On Saturday in the city will celebrate the Day of the Quartet with a large stage that will be installed on the esplanade of the Cabildo, the event is organized by the municipal Ministry of Culture and Youth. There will be a musical show “Tunga Tunga” with the participation of Ayrton Gelfo and The Legacy of Carlitos Rolán, La Gata Noelia and Lore Jiménez.

In addition, throughout the weekend you can enjoy different functions at the Municipal Film Club with great premieres and classics.

Meanwhile, on Sunday 5, two activities will be carried out around World Environment Day. On the one hand, a morning bike ride that starts from the Free University of the Environment and goes through the Chateau Park and the trails of the Reserve with a guide and interpretation of nature.

In turn, in the Plaza de la Intendancia-Heroes de Malvinas, an “Environmental Kermes” will be held. There will be live bands, puppets and games for the little ones, Food Trucks, mobile vaccination for dogs and cats. Also, recycling stations and EcoExchange of dry waste will be installed for discounts in the Food Trucks.

You can consult the complete Cultural and Recreational Agenda here