Customs personnel stopped a truck that was heading from Iguazú bound for Posadas and when it was transferred to the Cargo sector of the Iguazú Customs they were able to verify through the scanners that it was carrying a load of tires without a customs guarantee.

After the count, it totaled 209 tires of different brands and sizes, of foreign origin and provenance. The estimated market value of the merchandise in excess of 14,000,000 pesos.

The truck was stopped by the National Gendarmerie in the area called Urugua-í, on National Route No. 12, and on suspicion of transporting merchandise without a customs guarantee, it was transferred to the Cargo Sector of the Iguazú Customs. Once there, personnel specialized in managing a scanner from the customs office detected, through the “X” Ray image, that the entire load was tires without a customs guarantee.

Tire smuggling has been commonplace in recent months, and Customs has seized almost 8,000 tires in the last six months. Tire values ​​in the country are exorbitant when compared to what they cost abroad. That is why they are so valued in the informal market.

The total seized value is estimated at more than 500,000,000 pesos.