One of the most important artists in the folklore genre, Cuti Carabajal, visited us at our open-air television set located in the heart of the city of Villa Carlos Paz. The native of Santiago del Estero comes from a renowned Argentine family that has stood out for generating the largest number of folklorists in our country.

In 1978 he joined the group Los Manseros and in the 80s he embarked on a new path with Roberto, his nephew, with whom he formed an unstoppable duo. In 1898 he wrote one of the best-known chacareras in Argentina which he titled: “Enter my payment without hitting”.

Now, in 2023, his music continues to add followers who congregate to see his new show called “Viva la chacarera”, which is presented on Tuesdays at the Teatro del Sol in the mountain village. Next we leave you a small fragment of the show that he gave in Espacio Canal C

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