Technological apps, AI, new software, technological innovations, among others, have captured the attention of everyone, which is why no one wants to be left out of all the movement that is generated around them. For this reason, some musicians are encouraged to invest a significant budget in it.

Many have begun to use networks and live broadcasts to engage the public. Others invest in important technological devices at each of their shows with the idea of ​​improving the sound and/or lighting. One of them is Damián Córdoba, the quartet player is always raising the stakes regarding what he presents each year in his recitals.

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In this sense, for his 17th anniversary, El Guacho set out to surprise all his fans. Damián will launch a free application for smartphones and smart tablets. The musician’s fans will be able to download it through the Google Play Store app and see there they will be able to see exclusive videos, photos, listen to the complete discography, and they will also be able to buy tickets for the anniversary dance in Forja on December 8.

They will also be able to check in the app which groups take you to Forja on the day of the dance. And they will be able to choose the repertoire of the show in Forja and also send a photo to be published on the big screens during the night of the show.