The vice mayor of the city of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini, went through the Bien Directo Noticias program to have a one-on-one with the host Martín San Pedro, in his political segment ‘Succession’. He did it in the previous opening of the ordinary session of the Deliberative Council, which will be chaired by Mayor Martín Llaryora.

In the interview, the current candidate of Hacemos por Córdoba to lead the Municipality reviewed his life, his beginnings in medicine -a profession he never stopped practicing-, his move into politics that began with the mayor of the town of Cruz Alta, and his musical hobby.

Likewise, the current political-electoral panorama had the greatest role, in which Passerini spoke of his candidacy to which he came from the ruling party “by consensus”and he did not put aside his criticism of the opposition, which managed the mayor’s office in previous periods. “Almost 90% of public money went to fixed expenses, salaries and administrative mismanagement,” he pointed. “The first thing we did was take over the management of the Municipality, we do not share what the people decided in that sense. The corporations used to have a lot of interference in the decisions.”

We ordered the Municipality, we resolved a historical foreign debt in dollars; agree deadlines; we articulate with the private sector and generate credibility; Today we have reached three years to have a budget where 42% goes to the payment of salaries”, complete.

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He reaffirmed with conviction that in the upcoming elections, Schiaretti will position himself as a candidate for the presidency, Llaryora as governor and himself as mayor. In this regard, he mentioned that the idea is to continue with what is being managed by local Peronism, and keep the forms of governance in force.

On the other hand, he spoke of different past and present actors of the local political sphere. About Rodrigo Loredocurrent national deputy and possible candidate for mayor for Together for Change (UCR) in a potential formula with senator Luis Juez, Passerini said: “It was characteristic of him to go from position to position. He was a legislator, deputy, councilor… I respect his political career. It belongs to a space that dilutes its identity in the front in which it is. That generates contradictions… Beyond what he decides, he is a leader who represents a space that is responsible for the collapse and abandonment of the city of the last twenty years”.

Watch the full interview below: