Darío Barassi confirmed that he will be a father again for the second time. Almost 3 years after the birth of his daughter Emilia. His wife, Lucía Gómez Centurión, is 5 and a half months pregnant with a girl.

The news was revealed to the public Show Partners there the driver, who is known not only for his particular sense of humor but also for his great love for his daughter Emilia, was very happy.

“I told the fat one ‘let’s tell it when the head comes out. I love to share it, but it also happened to me with Emilia, of having the need to wait for everything to be put together a little more, “Barassi assured.

Darío Barassi told that he will be a father for the second time • Channel C
Barassi’s message on the social network Instagram

On the other hand, the driver 100 Argentines say He explained that the girl’s name is still “a dispute.” “The one my wife likes and the one who is going to stay is Inés. I love the name Inés and it seems to me that it goes”, closed Darío Barassi.