Rodrigo de Loredo, candidate for mayor of Together for Changeappeared in a one-on-one interview on the “Arriba Córdoba” program, in the midst of an electoral campaign marked by cross-denunciations, the central issue being drug trafficking and the accusations against some candidates and their families. from Loredo He emphasized that his list is the only one that has carried out a criminal record check on the candidates, ensuring that none have such a record.

The candidate expressed concern about the polarization in the campaign, which has given rise to debates centered on murky accusations. He criticized Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba for not knowing how to handle his proposal, which he called “daring.”

De Loredo assured that he will expel those who are involved in a case related to drug trafficking • Channel C
Rodrigo De Loredo in Arriba Córdoba. Photo: The twelve

From Loredo too He addressed the issue of insecurity and recalled his proposal to transfer 10,000 police officers to the city, although he acknowledged some positive actions by the current government. He defended his proposal and expressed his willingness to work alongside the governor-elect, Martín Llaryora, in case he wins the municipal elections.

The candidate questioned the management of the current mayor, accusing him of ignoring the issue of insecurity during his tenure and only address it in the campaign for political reasons.

As for his chances of being elected as mayor, He highlighted his vocation for the public, identity, trajectory and coherence. He hopes to win the elections thanks to sensible proposals that, according to him, have baffled the Justicialista Party (PJ). Despite speculation about support in humble neighborhoods, De Loredo He stated that he has been well received in those places and hopes to have their support. He denied the rumors that Together for Change would cut social plans in those neighborhoods and promised to improve the living conditions of citizens, assuring that democracy must be useful to the people.

Throughout the campaign, De Loredo rated Llaryora’s management with a 6, encouraging citizens to vote for candidates who have shown work and improvements in their respective neighborhoods. However, he also acknowledged that the city still needs progress, and if voters choose other candidates, he assumes it would be because his proposal has not been clear or attractive enough to them.

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